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Act Now: Open enrollment in TN ends Feb 15, 2015

Health_Insurance_101_Logo Don’t delay if you are looking for health insurance for 2015.  Open enrollment closes Sunday, Feb 15, 2015, and unless you qualify for a special situation, this will be your last opportunity to purchase health insurance for 2015.  Don’t delay.

You can get a head start by going to my direct link and starting (or even completing) the entire process online.  Go to:  https://healthtn.acaexpress.com?npn=8801239

This insurance is for Tennessee residents, under age 65, who have qualifying income based on their entire household size.

The link will give you a quick estimate of any advance tax credits you qualify for (which reduces your up-front monthly premium) and when you pick a plan, depending on your expected income for the year, may even give you cost savings on lower deductibles and lower maximum out of pocket expenses.

If you would like help completing the enrollment process, or advise deciding between policies, just give me a shout.  Leave me a clear voice mail message 24/7 thru Feb 15 at (615) 530-6872 and include your name, telephone number (with area code) and e-mail address.